MDVIP Wellness Program


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Schedule Your Annual Wellness Services
An important part of your MDVIP Wellness Program is your annual wellness appointment, which includes screenings and tests to help prevent and detect illness early. Your test results are the basis of your customized action plan. Call Dr. Hanlon at 801.328.1251 to schedule your yearly visit if you haven’t done so already.


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We know that a lifetime of good health cannot be achieved through a one-size-fits-all approach to medicine, which is why we chose to partner with MDVIP.

From a doctor’s perspective, our affiliation with MDVIP lets us do what we are trained to do — be doctors. We can now focus on delivering an experience that rivals ordinary primary care practices. Working as partners with you, we can develop a tailored, comprehensive wellness plan which delivers in-depth knowledge and one-on-one support all year long. With the added benefit of minimal wait time, extended appointments and partnerships with some of the top specialized medical centers in the nation, you can rest assured that maximizing your health, no matter your current health status, is our number one priority.

MDVIP is a personalized membership healthcare program that empowers people to reach their health and wellness goals through in-depth knowledge, expertise and one-on-one coaching with their primary care doctor — who knows you as a whole person – rather than as a faceless name on a chart.

Unlike a traditional primary care practice, your MDVIP-affiliated doctor will take the extra time to get to know you, your lifestyle and your current health through consultations, comprehensive screenings and advanced testing. Your doctor can then offer you a carefully thought out wellness plan tailored to meet your unique needs, while also helping you manage acute or chronic medical needs as they arise. 

MDVIP’s holistic, proactive approach to healthcare addresses your physical, mental and emotional well-being. Unlike traditional practices of 2,000 patients or more, each MDVIP-affiliated doctor cares for 600 patients or fewer, so you receive the extra time and attention you deserve.

In Alpine Medical Group, both Dr. Ahn and Dr. Hanlon are MDVIP affiliated. 

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